About me

67BX6077My main research interest concerns the evolution of chloroplasts, and I am particularly interested in the evolution of the two protein complexes “Translocons at the Outer and Inner Chloroplast envelope membranes” (TOC and TIC respectively). These protein complexes transport nuclear-encoded proteins into the chloroplast, and the evolution of TOC/TIC is an important part of the transformation of the ancient cyanobiont into a modern chloroplast. This work is conducted in collaboration with Paul Jarvis at the University of Leicester, and Henrik Aronsson at the University of Gothenburg.

I am also interested in how science is conducted and displayed (e.g. Open data and Open access publishing), and I have started documenting my research in an open laboratory notebook that can be found here (first entry posted 2011-06-12). I'm still exploring the opportunities of open notebook science (ONS), why early entries in my notebook looks quite different from later once. Whenever I find a useful tool, or other information useful for ONS, I try to make a blog post about it or post the information elsewhere on this site. I'd like to get in contact with others interested in ONS, and encourage you to contact me by e-mail, or leave comments in my note book.

67BX7093My PhD studies where focused on investigating the evolution of the genus Potentilla (Rosaceae). This work involved periods of fieldwork (in Sweden, Russia, Ecuador and USA) in order to study and collect specimens, followed by laboratory work to generate data for phylogenetic studies. The latter made me interested in bioinformatics and large-scale analyses of genetic data, which got me interested in various UNIX-like operating systems (BSD, GNU/Linux, OS X), and high performance computing, and how this can be used in biological science. To that end, I built Albiorix together with three fellow PhD students, and have administrated the system since 2007.

In my spare time I like to do tree climbing, photography and house restoration. In the past, I was hooked on restoring vintage Land Rover cars, preferably the serie IIa model, but lately I find it more convenient, and equally rewarding to tinker with old computer hardware.

Regards, Mats